About Us

“Solution via companionship”

Solidarity Consult

We are a management consulting firm that serve businesses, governments, and not-for-profits in Ethiopia. Founded in 2020 by a team of young entrepreneurs, we are one of the youngest and fast-growing human capital consulting firms in Ethiopia. We have a full-time staff of 10 professionals, 30+ affiliated consultants and more than 100 data collectors; organized into our main office and managed by experienced project managers.

Our Teams

Abeje Terefe

Managing Director, Senior HR Consultant and Facilitator

Mr. Abeje Terefe obtained his MA in Human Resource Management, BA in Management, BA in Theology and, Diploma in Marketing and Salesmanship.

Currently he is managing director of Solidarity Consult PLC. He served Wilmar International, TAF Oil PLC, Yibeten Consult Plc, And Ethiopian Eveangilical Church Mekaneyesus Lideta Congrigution.

His expertise in the field of human resource, marketing and sales, training and development, organizing workshops and conducting surveys, assessments, and similar evaluations have been highly regarded and well recognized. As well, he has a practical, first-hand knowledge and experience

in preparing various human resource manuals, salary scale, job analysis, training materials, and developing strategic plans, management documents, and feasibility studies.

Furthermore, Abeje has benefited from several trainings and workshops he himself offered and attended in various issues. As a result of his effective communication and high command of writing skill, he gained a reputation from his clients. Hence, there could be no doubt that his professional skill and seasoned experience will come in quite handy and contribute enormously to a successful realization

of the proposed assignment results. Accordingly, he will be the lead consultant and contact person between the client and Solidarity Consult PLC.

Ermias Teshome is a marketing and business development professional with more than 15 years of extensive experience in his sleeves across different industries. He has specialized in marketing and has MA degree in marketing management from Addis Ababa University.

Over the past 15 years, Ermias has grasped hands on knowledge and experience from the merchandise, agriculture, finance and the development sectors. He has worked with renowned brands in the country holding senior positions.

Among his tremendous experiences, Ermias’ recent experience as Director of Marketing at Debub Global Bank and Nile Insurance were quite impactful. He’s currently working at the World Bank Group as social protection, jobs and communications consultant.

Ermias is passionate about marketing, entrepreneurship, Agriculture, leadership, strategy, communication, and psychology. Aside from work, he dedicates time to voluntarily advise/coach women and youth in his community about life/soft skills such as digital literacy, income generating activities (IGA), habit formation, communication, time management, career path decision, work readiness and so forth. Ermias also finds pleasure in connecting young graduates to the job market via leveraging his rich network across many industries in the country


Ermias Teshome

Senior Marketing Consultant, Project Manager, Facilitator

Tesfaye Noko

Senior Strategic and Business Plan Development Specialist

Tesfaye Noko is a management and business leadership professional who brings a great value with his more than three decades of experience.

He has earned Master of Business Leadership (MBL), B.A. in Sociology & Diploma in Leadership. He has served as a senior freelance consultant in various operational and strategic projects both in the business and development sectors.

Tesfaye is experienced in Strategic planning, Administrative support, Organizational capacity assessment, Human Resource laws knowledge, PME/L knowledge and Salary Structure.

He is currently serving as a strategic planning senior advisor at Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY).

Mulugeta Eyoel is an experienced management consultant with more than three decades of hands-on experience. He has obtained his MA in Social Anthropology, BA in Sociology and Social Administration, and Diploma in Agriculture; and he is currently a Ph.D. candidate.

Mulugeta had served Food for the Hungry, Hope for Children, Prison Fellowship, Ministry of Agriculture, School of Population Studies, and School of Gender Studies of Addis Ababa University. His expertise in the field of organizing workshops and conducting surveys, assessments, and similar evaluations have been highly regarded and well recognized.

Mulugeta has practical, first-hand knowledge and experience in preparing various IEC and training materials, human resource and property administration manuals, and developing strategic planning and management documents, which were acquired while working both as a freelancer and licensed consultant, commissioned by various organizations. He is currently the lead consultant at Rich Management Consultants.

Mulugeta Eyoel

Senior Social Researcher

Adiam Zemenfes

Senior Legal Researcher and Specialist

Ms. Adiam Zemenfes Tsighe obtained Her LLM from the Center of Human Rights, University of Pretoria, and LLB from Addis Ababa University.

Ms. Adiam has tremendous expertise on human rights work. In delivering her responsibilities at her work, she has obtained the required expertise and experience to draft various documents including guidelines, training manuals, reports and working documents. She has had various experience of delivering trainings for various actors mainly civil society organizations in Africa.

She has delivered trainings outside Ethiopia, including in South African and Kenya for civil society organizations about the African Human Rights System. She has also the experience of developing training manuals and various studies both as part of her work and as a consultant.

Mrs. Maedot Assefa Kebede is a Service Marketing & Digital Sales professional with 10 years of working experience in the industry. With tourism Management BA and International Service Management MA, (NL).

Maedot worked as Strategic Management Tutor, Project assistant to Vice President of Stenden University as well as Academic Board assistance for EUROCHRI010 conference in the Netherlands. She also served in Jupiter International Hotels as Marketing and Sales manager and later as Director is Sales and Marketing for over 6 years. She had the opportunity to work in Shebelle Conference and Global Tour Travel as event coordinator and Tour Operations manager respectively. Among different certificates Maedot holds and Leadership Certificate from British Council, Liverpool, and recently Executive Diploma in Digital Business from Academy of Digital Business Leadership (ADBL) UK.

Maedot Assefa

Digital Business Consultant